5 Reasons why ‘Kuch Rang Pyar Ke..’ is one of the best TV shows!

While the television Industry is currently “going through” a confused phase, where every other show is “experimenting” with same old cliched storylines, supernatural drama and mythical extravaganza. It is an absolute feat to stand out different and present a realistic no-nonsense love story, resisting the temptation of the fad cliches by staying true to the essence of the show. With a simple story, impeccable performances and applaudable writing, the show ‘Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi’ has managed to wow one and all.

A show which commenced with a bang and has crossed almost five months of run-time has managed to not degrade the quality of content and giving impressive visual elements time and again. We list down five reasons why we think the show is a terminal answer to all those who believed that the key to a successful daily is melodrama and stereotypes.

I mean, of course, we have been watching endless portrayals of mother-son relationships since the 80’s, be it the over possessive mothers and the hopeless mamma’s boy or over-strict mothers and their ‘aadarsh’ disciplined sons. But, to present a relation so common in a unique way, without making it look stereotypical is quite a task; and ‘Kuch Rang..’ certainly did that. Ishwari Devi (Supriya Pilgaonkar) and Dev (Shaheer Sheikh) have given some of the most endearing, emotional and lovable mother-son scenes over the time. The pure and unconditional love that they share has always been an absolute treat to watch.

Again, sibling love has been another melodramatic factor in various shows and films over the time. However, this show has portrayed the various stages in sibling love. Be it the teasing, sibling jealousy, caring and being the support system for each other or the day-to-day scenes between Sonakshi (Erica Fernandes), Saurabh (Alpesh Dhakan) and Elena (Prerna Panwar). One of the highlight scenes includes a recent one where Dev breaks down, realising his sister just got married and him coaxing his other sisters, who are depressed about the same.

Love story is probably one of the most done-and-dusted concepts where thousands of love stories have been presented to us in the most repetitive ways possible. However, this love story which forms the crux of the show is certainly one-of-its-kind. Be it the unusual way of proposing or the way the love story is progressing currently, ‘Kuch Rang..’ tells us how a REAL story unfolds rather than presenting typical scenes and fairytale love.

The portrayal of negative roles in Indian shows has always been over-the-top with characters linked with loud makeups, vampish attire, obsessive plotting and regressive thinking. However, this show tells us that not every person is going to be a nefarious vamp whose only aim in life is to create troubles in people’s life! The show doesn’t really have a negative character but it realistically explains that life is all about being practical and one can be jealous and cunning at times, but not necessarily evil. Be it the exit of Natasha (Roop Durgapal) or Radhika Maami’s (Alka Mogha) occasional cunning behaviour, its normal and relatable.

Well, yes. If there is one thing our eyes are tired watching the most; it is a big-fat Indian Television wedding which is stretched with elasticity, pouring in unwanted drama. There have been instances where one marriage track has prolonged over fifteen episodes in a particular show. The recent marriage track in ‘Kuch Rang..’ was probably one of the most relatable ones where the plotting, drama and cliched fights took a backseat and showcased the normal elements of a normal marriage. Most importantly it lasted for just two episodes, as it should be.

‘Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi’ is about love, care and real life representation which make the show a winner in itself. Many more feats to come for one of the most loved Indian shows these days.