Aalisha Panwar: I Chose Meri Gudiya as I Wanted to Come Back as a Protagonist

Capable on-screen character Aalisha Panwar who was most recently seen in Colors’ spine chiller show Ishq Mein Marjawan, will presently be found in an entirely unexpected symbol in Star Bharat’s forthcoming show Meri Gudiya. Meri Gudiya depends on an extraordinary connection between a mother and girl and will highlight Gaurav S Bajaj inverse Aalisha. The first promotion of the show is as of now out and has constructed a ton of interest among the group of spectators for a bent storyline.

We connected with Aalisha, who talked about taking up Meri Gudiya, her character subtleties and storyline and being drawn nearer for Naagin 4.

The promotion of Meri Gudiya looks extremely fascinating and your part appears the feature of the show. Disclose to us something about the storyline and your character.

In my last show I played a rival and my character was valued and cherished by fans. So subsequent to having played that character, I was enthused about returning back as a hero and needed to break that picture. Luckily, Meri Gudiya came my direction and I think this was the ideal show for me to return and I trust I’m ready to do equity to the character.

I’m playing Madhuri Gujral and she’s not an ordinary day by day cleanser courageous woman who continues crying and does pointless show, yet she has a layered character. She’s exceptionally passionate, exquisite, cheerful and brimming with life. Then again, she’s additionally exceptionally courageous and retaliates with regards to her family and close ones, particularly with regards to her youngster.

The degree of her affections for her kid is that she oversteps the law of nature to deal with her little girl, as you more likely than not found in the promotion. In the show we have utilized a doll as a medium to show that affection, for the most part the doll is utilized as a negative element with dismay shows and movies, however this time we have utilized the doll as a positive component. I was drawn closer for Naagin however nothing was completely chosen though with Meri Gudiya everything was affirmed and I adored the story and my character. The entire story is high on feelings and it’s a very heart-contacting story. At the point when the story was described to me, I got goosebumps and had tears in my eyes.

What sort of responses did you get after the promotion was discharged?

Truly I got extraordinary responses from all my on-screen character companions. They were astounded with the promotion and the doll component and everybody is blown a gasket after the promotion. The best part was that even my male companions likewise called me and said that it was heart contacting and they skirted a beat when they saw it. Everyone is enthused about realizing what the story is actually and me being dead in the story has completely interested individuals.

You will be seen with Gaurav Bajaj just because, how is he as a co-star?

He’s a pleasant individual and we both are open to shooting with one another. Best of all, he is really going to be a dad, all things considered, so I’m eager to have him ready.