Abhi to fall for Tanu AGAIN in KumKum Bhagya!

Zee Tv’s Kumkum Bhagya is getting murkier day by day! A lot of drama is in store for the viewers amidst Abhi’s memory loss track where Alia is taking full advantage of Abhi’s condition.

However, she has a big hurdle in her way called Pragya who doesn’t seem to be giving up on Abhi anytime soon and hence, Alia has decided to get rid of Pragya. She will go to Pragya’s house and warn her to stay away from Abhi or bad things will come her way. Pragya, being the doting wife she is, will shoo Alia away and tell her that no matter what she does, Abhi will always be with Pragya.

So Alia now decides to play her trump card. She introduces Tanu to Abhi and tells him that she is a supermodel. Abhi is deceived by Tanu’s good looks and falls for the bait. He starts falling for her in a short period of time! They will start spending time together and Abhi will start enjoying spending time with her. Pragya will be all heartbroken and furious on spotting them together.

Will Pragya be able to stop Abhi from falling for Tanu, yet again…? Keep reading India Forums for more updates!