“Abhijeet Bhattacharya asked me to meet him at night to see how much weight I had gained”

In the wake of Tanushree Dutta’s charges of badgering against Nana Patekar, and an online campaign of sorts against lewd behavior at work environments via web-based networking media, India’s #MeToo development is at last here.

What’s more, we have a conspicuous name from Tinsel Town who has now joined the positions of ladies who have raised their voice against inappropriate behavior. Also, it is performing artist Sameksha, who was as of late observed in recorded show Porus, depicting the famous Queen Olympias, who has now loaned her voice to the #MeToo cause.

What’s more, Sameksha has talked up about vocalist Abhijeet Bhattacharya.

Says Sameksha, “I saw Abhijeet Bhattacharya’s post via web-based networking media, saying that ladies leaving Social Media are grimy, fat and revolting. I thought of saying this since he was the person who damaged me and stunned me by his conduct when I was shooting with him for a music video.”

She went on, “Those were my underlying days in the business and I was marked on for a video. I had met Abhijeet several times previously for trails before we really shot for video. That time he was exceptionally typical. At that point when we went to Karjat to shoot for video, he was consistently squeezing me and embracing me and disclosing to me that I had put on weight.”

She proceeded with, “I was extremely awkward yet then I figured this may be the work culture of the business and I disregarded it around then. He additionally created an impression, “Meet me around evening time. I have to check how much weight you have picked up.”

“Also, that night was the most exceedingly bad night. His room was by mine. He came alcoholic and thumped on my entryway. I drove him out of my room and shut my entryway. In any case, he kept on slamming the entryway and began mishandling me. He was too awful. I was shuddering and was simply sitting tight for the sun to rise. When morning arrived, I cleared out that place,” uncovered the on-screen character.

“Later on, I became more acquainted with he had told everybody that I was not expert and all such thing. I am so glad about this #MeToo Movement. At any rate, the individual will get embarrassed. In any case, I would need greater discipline for such individuals,” finished up Sameksha.

We are presently just start to ponder, what number of more skeletons are there in the storeroom.