Abrar & Sargun of ‘Yeh Hai Chaahtein’ comes out in support of Altamash Faraz after netizens troll him

Star Plus show ‘Yeh Hai Chahatein’ is getting the love of the audiences. So much so that, the show rised up the BARC ratings and became the second most watched show across Television. The track wherein Preesha and Rudra get re-married was very well received by the viewers.

And now, to spice up the story, the makers have planned an intriguing track wherein Armaan Thakur played by actor Altamash Faraz is all set to return to the show with a band. Altamash played the third love angle between Rudra and Preesha and thus, Rudra-Preesha fans are against his re-entry in the show.

Ever since the news of Faraz’s return is out, the fans have been fuming in rage. So much so that, they made sure to voice their opinion by conducting a trend against Armaan’s re- entry.

But looks like a few fans went overboard in expressing their thoughts on the same and started to attack actor Altamash Faraz personally.

Sargun Kaur Luthra and Abrar Qazi, who play the characters of Rudra and Preesha, couldn’t take this and expressed their disappointments on fans going overboard. Both Abrar and Sargun posted long messages and asked their fans to watch their words and actions before speaking. With this, the duo also extended their support to Faraz who became a victim of social media abuse.

Have a look at Abrar and Sargun’s posts:

Abrar and Sargun come out in support of Altamash Faraz
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