Actors Sudhir Gulyani and Alka Chatwal to feature in a film on ‘Tree Marriage’ titled ‘Paudha’

In this day and age, where the web is the ruler of media outlet, content makers are removing shots and thinking from the container. Consistently we know about new ideas and unexplored themes being instilled as web arrangement’s and movies and crowd’ also appear to be inspired with the present situation of media outlet, where substance is the lord. One of the present patterns is substance made on a social reason; be it for the help of LGBTQ people group, Racism or Menstruation, content makers are currently attempting to incorporate different social causes to spread mindfulness. One such social concern is individuals powerfully being hitched to trees and creatures so as to invalidate misfortune in their crystal gazing.

Youthful producer Shashwat Dwivedi has concocted an intriguing film titled ‘Paudha’ on a similar subject. Every year, a great many Indians are offered to plants, creatures, stones, and even trees so as to drop the shortcoming in their soothsaying. Highlighting prevalent entertainers like Sudhir Gulyani and Alka Chatwal in significant characters, Paudha is an account of Shravan, a solitary offspring of Kishore and Pushpa who is going to get hitched through a masterminded marriage. At the point when Shravan meets his lady to-be, Aanchal, he in a flash becomes hopelessly enamored and they build up a science. Everything goes well, until on the tilak service day, the minister uncovers that Shravan had been hitched to a plant before this marriage. Nagendra, the lady’s dad removes this from extent and cases that he has been tricked. He advances a peculiar condition. Shravan must separation the plant on the off chance that he wishes to wed Aanchal. Surrendering to this irrational interest, Kishore and Shravan go on a chase to discover a legal advisor to complete the separation. Yet, circumstances take a surprising turn.

Entertainer Sudhir Gulyani will’s identity seen assuming the job of Shravan’s dad in the film is known for his appearances in numerous recordings for Scoopwhoop and Filtercopy and has done supporting jobs in numerous Bollywood films, while on-screen character Alka Chatwal who has had an immense profession in TV and movies, will be seen playing the mother. The film has additionally been chosen to screen at the Jagran film celebration.

The lead characters Shravan and Aanchal are played by novices Rishi Solanki and Jaya Banerjee, who denoted their introduction with the film. The film depicts a lovely dad child relationship wonderfully created out by cinematographer Sourav Samanta.