After all these years, Aatish REVEALS why Instant Khichdi was SHUT down!

In the event that you have been a gigantic fanatic of the Khichdi establishment, you would absolutely have had your questions on how the show was closed down numerous circumstances, both on Star Plus and Star One.

More than 16 years prior, individuals were in for a giggle revolt and a flat out regard as Khichdi went on-air as a week after week appear on Star Plus in 2002. In the wake of running for just about 2 years, the show was then moved to Star One, as the new youth channel was propelled.

Khichdi was repaired as Instant Khichdi for the channel and was airing as an every day cleanser.

Be that as it may, as a stun to many, the show was pulled off-air in a negligible month simply subsequent to airing 37 scenes or something like that.

Numerous suspected that it was because of absence of evaluations and different reasons. However, after this while, in a vis- – vis discussion with Aatish himself, the executive uncovered for what reason did the creators really pull Instant Khichdi off-air.

He stated, “As opposed to everybody’s conviction, we didn’t pull the hotshot air because of low evaluations. Infact, we went to the channel and requesting that they close it down. The channel was stunned when we said we need to close Instant Khichdi down. It was really the number 2 appear on Star One, but then we needed to close it. In any case, that was on the grounds that I came to realize that I am rehashing myself at such a significant number of examples, I am introducing similar muffles, just in a reused way. Also, not that, we had around 5 demonstrates running on-air, we had just 2 appears, however we let them know, we need to close it down. They regarded us and did as such.”

All things considered, allows simply say, we trust the creators understand this when they run a tedious cleanser for quite a long time and years.