Aladdin (Ali) to Fall in Trouble in Sab TV’s Aladdin: Naam Toh Suna Hoga

Sab TV’s prevalent show Aladdin: Naam Toh Suna Hoga is a contemporary interpretation of the well established dream story of Aladdin and his enchantment light. The show stars youth sensations Siddharth Nigam and Avneet Kaur in the number one spot jobs and it as of late experienced a patch up. In the on-going track, Aladdin has come to Baghdad in a hidden personality of Ali. He was exhibited under the steady gaze of Zafar’s court where his old associates see him just because following a year however Aladdin figures out how to stay aware of his phony personality. Here comes a turn when Zafar gets Chimma Jalaad to discover Ali’s reality, who is nobody other than Aladdin’s Genie.

Our sources have revealed to us a fascinating update about the show. Gulegulfam (Shrashti Maheshwari) will resent Aladdin’s mom and on the opposite side, suspicious of Ali, she will begin watching out for him. She has an uncertainty that Ali is none other than Aladdin.

The patch up has presented a few new characters in the show, including a Chota Genie and female Genie called Genie Menie.

With Gulegulfam knowing Aladdin’s existence, it will intrigue perceive how Ali shields his fact from her and others.

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