Angad Bedi’s ex Nora Fatehi’s reaction to him marrying Neha Dhupia will shock you

ews of Angad Bedi and Neha Dhupia’s wedding came as a rush from the blue for fans. Before Angad discovered love in his “closest companion”, he was reputed to be involved with Nora Fatehi. Truth be told, Angad and Nora made no mystery of their affection for each other and uncovered that they were seeing where things go.

Be that as it may, Angad’s developing vicinity to Neha put a pounding end to his sprouting sentiment with Nora, if the grapevine is to be accepted. Obviously, there is no affection lost between the previous couple.

At the point when Nora was asked by a main production in the event that she had saluted Angad on his marriage, she denied notwithstanding knowing him. “Who is Angad? I don’t know who Angad Bedi is,” she pretended numbness.

Not exclusively did Nora demand that she was never in an association with Angad, she denied having even met him. “I never dated him, so I don’t hear what you’re saying. I don’t have anything to say in regards to his wedding since I’ve never met him and I couldn’t care less what’s going on in his wedded life,” she said.

Obviously, Angad and Nora are never again on talking terms. The two even unfollowed each other on Instagram as of late, and we as a whole recognize what that implies, in the time of online networking.