Ankit Gupta: I try to enjoy every bit about this journey; the love is overwhelming and it gets me nervous

Udaariyaan actor Ankit Gupta has had quite the journey on television and while he is loved for his role of Fateh in the Colors show, his journey has definitely been one with quite a lot of ups and downs. Over the months, the actor has definitely understood his craft well and continues to entertain the fans beautifully.

Ask Ankit about how has his journey with the show been so far, and he tells us, ”My journey with the show has been great, it ahs been amazing and wonderful, I really have no words. I have got amazing people during this journey. I try to enjoy every bit and every thing about this journey. The love is overwhelming and it gets me nervous and scared also, what if I can’t reciprocate the love I get, sometimes when you are shooting regularly and consciously, you are tired, irritated, and a lot of emotions. So, if somebody comes to you at that and maybe you are not in the mood to click a picture or talk to somebody, but people wont get that and that is when I get scared.”

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We also asked him how does he keep up while being away from friends and family and he says, ”I have been away from my family since I was 17 since that’s when I started working and that’s when I left my house. I am sort of a loner so its okay for me if I don’t see them for a while. Because of my shooting schedule right now, I don’t even get to talk to them that often, but its okay as they understand now. Friends, yes, I do miss both of them, but I do have friends here also now, as the entire cast is your friend.”

Meanwhile, Udaariyaan has been one of the most talked about show on Indian television and all the actors continue to receive immense love for their characters and the show’s track.