WHAT? Another twist in ‘Piyaa Albela’

Piyaa Albela on ZEE TV has seen many contorts as far as Pooja and Naren’s romantic tale. Furthermore, there is another wind once more after Pooja losing her memory, post her mischance.

The up and coming scene will see Pooja and Naren heading off to a reasonable on Pooja’s request. Subsequent to heading off to the reasonable, Pooja will begin playing around with the children and have a great deal of fun in the reasonable, while Naren will be seen getting a charge out of observing her.

Abruptly, when Pooja is playing and getting a charge out of, a more interesting comes and seizes Pooja and nobody acknowledges it.

In what capacity will Naren respond when he understands that Pooja has been hijacked?

What might occur next?