Anupamaa duo Paras Kalnawat and Anagha Bhosale on their music video

Paras Kalnawat and Anagha Bhosale are all set to come together for a music video titled Akhaa Vich and recently, the two got talking about the same. Among many things, they spoke about the love from the fans for their show, the story, and also showcased their bond off-screen through the fun video interview. Here are some excerpts from the interview.

As for the storyline of the music video, he mentioned, ”Here, it is the opposite of how things are between Samar and Nandini as in the show, the former is running after the latter. However, the cast is not the same for the music video. It has a cute and happy ending, and is a music video.”

Paras, who recently tested positive for COVID-19, spoke about it and said, ”I had a very difficult time as I was facing a lot of health issues, I am still having some, some after-effects remain, I have a lot of weakness as well. I haven’t recovered totally and I am still recovering. The period of 14 days was more difficult because I was stuck in a room, and I got such a headache that I did not feel like doing anything, couldn’t speak to a lot of people. Everyone from the show called me to keep a check on me as to how I am. Now, I am back on sets, and the way I was welcomed, I felt extremely grateful.”

While talking about the love that the duo has received from the fans, they both expressed their gratitude. Anagha mentioned, ”Fans were waiting for this one scene where Sanan is together and they were hoping it is not a dream, so that worked out. They were also looking for a music video together and now that has been announced as well. I guess fans are happy and so we are happy as well.”

Well, we bet fans are mighty excited about the video!