Anupamaa: Gaurav Khanna as Anuj Kapadia opposite Rupali gets a definitive approval from netizens

Anupamaa has been churning out some interesting content for the longest time now, and while it does that, it has also been trying to incorporate progressive stories. While it narrates what goes on in every single household, the show continues to focus on various aspects surrounding a married woman, here, Anupama (Rupali Ganguly).

Up ahead, we will see a lot more of Gaurav Khanna aka Anuj Kapadia in the show. And after the very first glimpse of the actor in the show, it looks like the upcoming episode has everyone’s heart and how. Netizens have been sharing a bunch of positive messages for Gaurav as well as the character and the storyline that will follow. In fact, they are massively rooting for Anupama and Anuj in the story ahead.

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Right from the dance moves to the way the story has been introduced, or for that matter, even the possibility of shipping Anupama and Anuj, and wishing it happens soon. It looks like the audiences are in absolute awe and it is only going to go onward and upward form here for them.

Well, it looks like this truly has been a much-awaited sequence and the response seems to be one that is unfathomable so far. It is safe to say that the track is likely to work out the great ahead and one will also want to see how all of this impacts Vanraj and the story on that front.