Anupamaa in dilemma regarding Anuj’s wish to adopt an orphan girl in ‘Anupamaa’

Star Plus show ‘Anupamaa’ is gearing up for an interesting twist. The show has been winning hearts and every now and then, the makers throw a surprise at the die-heart fans of the show. Recently, an unexpected promo was dropped by the channel wherein Anupamaa meets Anuj’s cousin brother and his wife Barkha. Barkha schools Anupama to shed away her middle-class image and adopt to their elitist class. Anupamaa gives a befitting reply to her.

After the unexpected promo, yet another surprise awaited the fans with a major twist wherein Anuj and Anupamaa would contemplate adopting a girl child. In the upcoming episodes, Anuj and Anupamaa enjoy with little Anu on the beach. Anu notices Anuj being lost in thoughts and asks him to express his thoughts without any filter. Anuj expresses that he is reminded of his difficult childhood seeing Anu and wishes to adopt her. Anupamaa stands shocked hearing the same.

They drop Anu at he orphanage and get gifts for the kids. Anu tells them that she wishes to have parents like them. Both Anuj and Anupamaa feel emotional. Kavya talks to Anirudh over the call, this angers Vanraj and they share an argument. Devika comes home with medicine and gives a friendly advice to Kavya stating that if she wants, she should leave Vanraj with dignity, like Anu did. Kavya appreciates her but tells her that she knows what she’s doing.

Devika gives a detailed report of Shah household to Anu and asks her about her honeymoon trip. Anu tells her about Anuj’s wish to adopt an orphan. Devika gives her a practical perspective and tells her that it’s not easy to raise a child. Anupamaa gets into a dilemma.