Anupamaa: Pakhi and Adhik to be caught red-handed

Star Plus show ‘Anupamaa’ is getting quite interesting with each passing episode. The current track of the show revolves around Anupamaa along with the ladies’ gang visiting a resort and having a break while Pakhi has manipulated Vanraj and is set to go out with Adhik.

In the previous episode, Anupamaa called Pakhi and told her that she knows that she is not studying and is out with friends. Anupamaa warns Pakhi to not cross her limits. Leela and Barkha indulge in arguments.

In the upcoming episodes, Anupamaa sees Leela upset and asks her about her mood. Leela expresses how Barkha made her feel inferior. Anupamaa explains to her that if often happens with her as well but that doesn’t mean that they should feel less about themselves. She also tells her that she had also spoken ill with Barkha and she is bound to do the same. Anu asks her to forget about everything and enjoy the time.

The men at Shah house enjoy their time and have lunch. They appreciate their wives who cook food and jam together. The ladies gang also play games. Adhik asks Pakhi to visit a resort but Pakhi gets hesitant. However, Adhik requests and persuades Pakhi and she finally agrees. They reach the resort and have their lunch. Adhik realizes that he left his and Pakhi’s ID cards at the reception. He goes to pick them up. Anupamaa is also at the reception but didn’t see the IDs.

In the upcoming episodes, Anupamaa and family sees Pakhi and Adhik walking out of the room of the resort.