As Santosh gets kidnapped, a Pandora’s box is opened during the probe in Sony SAB’s Maddam Sir

After many delays, hesitancy and missed opportunities, Cheetah (Priyanshu Singh) finally gathers the courage and confesses his feelings to Santosh (Bhavika Sharma). She, on the other hand, rejects him, claiming that she doesn’t have time for such things. Santosh is later kidnapped, and Amar Vidrohi (Savi Thakur) is assigned to her kidnapping case. During his investigation, Amar discovers Santosh was on antidepressants. They also find an empty strip of sleeping pills and consider the possibility of suicide as the investigation progresses. Haseena (Gulki Joshi) is concerned about the tablets and wants to investigate but she is unable to do so because Amar oversees the case. However, she investigates unofficially and discovers that Santosh obtained the pills from a woman. Upon questioning the lady, Haseena learns that Santosh was her regular customer, but the woman is lying and hiding something. Meanwhile we see Cheetah trying to find Santosh too.

Is Santosh really suicidal, or is there more to it than meets the eye? Is there a connection between the woman’s secret and Santosh’s kidnapping?

Bhavika Sharma who plays Santosh Sharma shares, “Santosh’s abduction shocks the whole thana, and the investigation uncovers secrets that even her friends were unaware of. It truly depicts how we cope with mental health issues, and I hope we can help eradicate the stigma attached to them.”

Savi Thakur who portrays the role of Amar Vidrohi says, “Amar is incharge of investigating Santosh’s kidnapping and uncovers many unsaid things. The incident astounds him too but he needs to keep a calm mind and also answer a lot of questions from those working in the thana. It’s going to get interesting so don’t take your eyes off the screen!”

Gulki Joshi essaying the role of Haseena Malik comments, “Santosh is her close friend and her kidnapping obviously distraughts Haseena. The secrets uncovered also make her question if she really knows her friend as well as she thought. Even though she keeps a calm mind, Haseena will get to the bottom of this so rest assured a lot of interesting twists are coming your way.”