Atharva lands in trouble because of Cheeni; Imlie to rescue him

It is here with some exclusive scoop from Star Plus popular show ‘Imlie’.

As informed by us earlier, Imlie sets up a date for Atharva and Cheeni. She wants them to talk it out and find out if they have a future together. Imlie doesn’t want to come in between two people who are in love and thus wants to take a step back.

Now, in the upcoming episodes, Atharva would still be conflicted between the two sisters as he wants to meet Cheeni and clear things out, but also does not feel like leaving Imlie. He finds ways to spend time with Imlie and misses her when she is not around. Cheeni is extremely happy, foreseeing money. At one point, Atharva will get in trouble because of Cheeni and her greed for money. Imlie saves him.

Atharva lands up in a hospital where Cheeni pretends to be caring about him. No matter how hard Atharva resists, he still feels concern for Cheeni. Cheeni gets clingy and takes advantage of his fragile condition and forces him to call off his wedding with Imlie. Atharv gets stressed.

Meanwhile, Imlie believes that Atharv has seen Cheeni’s true side and there is hope of a future with him. Star Plus show ‘Imlie’ is produced by Four Lions Pvt Ltd. The show has a stellar star cast including actors like Karan Vohra, Megha Chakroborty, Seerat Kapoor, Gaurav Mukesh, Rajshree Rani among others.

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