Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2: LK’s health to get deteriorate; Raghav and Prachi stressed

Sony TV show ‘Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2’ is getting the love of the audiences. The current track of the show revolves around things getting sorted between LK and Raghav. The viewers witnessed a major change between Raghav and Prachi’s relationship post three years. They’re not on good terms and their friendship has been affected over the years.

Previously, Josh had created a misunderstanding between the Kapoor family and Raghav that landed him in trouble with LK asking him to leave the Kapoor Mansion.

Post leap, Raghav is seen as a successful architect with only Pihu and Angad supporting him through these years. His character is sure to see pivotal changes that promise to bring forth an intriguing twist in the tale. In the previous episodes, Prachi took Raghav’s side while he faced major allegations.

In the recent episodes, LK informs Josh that he has decided to go ahead and join hands with ARP as he trusts them and doesn’t want Josh to interfere in his decision. LK calls ARP at Kapoor Mansion and asks them to stay with them. LK and Raghav meet in the office, and LK asks Raghav to continue their association.

Now, in the upcoming episodes of the show, the Kapoor family- Pihu, Angad and Raghav get together to have breakfast and have fun. Due to the workers being on strike, LK and Vikrant discussed how to manage the office and the ongoing strike situation. But due to this, LK’s health gets affected and the doctor advises him to rest. This leaves everyone including Raghav and Prachi stressed. Will Raghav take over the official work? Only time will reveal.