Balika Vadhu 2: Shivangi Joshi, Randeep Rai and Samridh Bawa get the on-screen dynamics right

Balika Vadhu 2 witnessed a leap of 10 years and made way for the adult characters in the form of Shivangi Joshi, Randeep Rai, and Samridh Bawa as Anandi, Anand, and Jigar, respectively. The introduction episode aired last night and it did seem to have quite the vibe and just introduced us to the various equations on the show, but turned out to be impressive to look at as a whole.

With the story picking up from where it left in more ways than one, there’s also a breathe of freshness that the new cast has managed to add to the plot.

Shivangi as Anandi is convincing and holds that innocence that the plot requires. Though there’s only so much that we’ve seen so far, but she does give the right vibe to the show and manages to keep the viewers looking out for more while she is on the screen.

Balika Vadhu 2
Randeep as Anand is one of the finest acts, and one can say that the actor has all the right characteristics to have been made for this role. In an interview with us, he said how he simply tries to be himself and bring necessary additions here and there to fit into his characters, and that, shows in this role.

Samridh as the spoilt brat Jigar is everything that he asks the girl to address him as, and he has in fact, managed to play that part well. He is the kind of character that makes you want to love to hate him and he slides into those characteristics quite nicely. The bit between him and Shivangi is also one instances that showcases both their acting skills right.

The dynamics of all the three actors with each other does fit right in, especially Shivangi’s on-screen equations with both Randeep and Samridh. The three of them share a varied bit of characteristics and that shows how the writing is full proof, to say the least. The chemistry for me, is an absolute hit, and is most likely going to give the fans yet another much loved on-screen pair in the form of Randeep and Shivangi.

The visuals do impress, and so does the cinematography. It is interesting how TV shows are shot so beautifully these days and in fact, this one has great production quality. Right from the start, the show establishes a few positives and negatives about the characters and it is a plus.

The show does fine for starters and in fact, manages to give its viewers what they ask, but in the process, there are some stereotypes that it does engrave only further. However, given the time in which the show is set in v/s the time that it is being screened on kind of clash with each other.

All in all, Balika Vadhu 2 does have an amalgamation of all the flavours that would make for a perfect dish that makes for a TRP topper. A generation leap does change a lot of things for every show, and while it doesn’t work for good every time, this sure seems like one of those instances. With a well written story and some fine performances, the show is likely to make for a good watch in the days to come ahead!