Bani J: Now that I’m out of ‘Bigg Boss’, I will eat every pizza, burger I can find

She won’t not have won the show, but rather amid her 105-day remain in the ‘Bigg Boss’ House, VJ and performing artist Bani J has without a doubt won a great deal of hearts. Bani, who completed runner-up to Manveer Gurjar in ‘Bigg Boss Season 10’, addressed us a couple of hours after the finale about the mistake of losing to Manveer and her arrangements to glut on garbage nourishment. Selections:

I am extremely disillusioned at not having the capacity to win but rather then, this is life. You need to take what you get and proceed onward. Having said that, Manveer is a truly direct person and I am cheerful that he has won the show. Obviously, I am baffled at not winning myself. After the win I let him know, “I am happy it’s you I’m remaining alongside toward the finish of this”. He played reasonable and won the group of onlookers over.

There was a moment that I needed to pack up and take off

What I missed most about home were the general population – my family and companions. For me home is the general population you live with and have that sentiment having a place. I missed that the most amid my stay in the ‘Bigg Boss’ home. Amid the 6th and seventh week of my stay, I felt no inspiration to proceed. I had a craving for pressing up and going home. That was the one minute I was really yearning to go home.

Bani in a still from ‘Bigg Boss 10’

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Anticipate investing energy with great companion Gauahar Khan

The primary thing I will do when I get back home is hang out with Gauahar and invest some energy with her. She came to bolster me here at the house and at the finale, as well. I am miserable that she is abandoning me once more. I would like to meet her again soon and compensate for the lost time.

On the plan: Junk nourishment

Gracious, I missed nourishment a considerable measure amid my stay here. Give me a chance to get back home and I will request that everybody bring each pizza, burger, and pasta they can discover. I can’t hold up to pig out on garbage sustenance now. I know I have a wellness regimen and everything except ek racket toh chalta hai yaar. In the ‘Bigg Boss’ House, I avoided these things for 105 days. That gives me the privilege to cheat for one day now.