BB 11: Ben Says Her Closeness With Priyank Was A BIG JOKE; Adds Hina Is NOT A Strong-headed Person!

As of late, Benafsha Soonawala was dispensed with from the Bigg Boss 11 house. It was not astonishing as the fans needed Benafsha to go out. The host of the show, Salman Khan had dependably cautioned the MTV VJ that she was not seen on cameras. As of late she began hitting the features as a result of her battle with Akash Dadlani (because of which she got named). Likewise, her closeness with her companion, Priyank Sharma snatched eyeballs. This is what Ben needs to say in regards to her association with Priyank (in the house)… Benafsha and Priyank’s Closeness Was A BIG JOKE! “My association with Priyank was extremely unadulterated and genuine and it was just fellowship. Every one of the recordings that you folks saw where I instructed him to acknowledge his emotions and that he adored me, were quite recently gigantic jokes between us. It was simply to bother him.” Ben Adds… “I would smack his head later and disclose to him it was for no particular reason. I know everything looked wrong yet believe me it was just a joke. In a house like Bigg Boss, on the off chance that you have a companion, who you can trust with your entire being, you shape a unique associate yet that doesn’t mean it’s adoration.” Varun Trusted Ben Varun was the main individual who believed her and sat tight for her to leave the Bigg Boss house to clear up things. To this, Ben says, “He is my exclusive man and I am proud to the point that he kept his trust on me.” Ben and “Varun was sure about me for he comprehends what sort of a man I am. On the off chance that I was paying special mind to love in the show, for what reason would I have been vocal about my association with Varun outside?” ‘Individuals Sadly Don’t Get My Sense Of Humor’ “Individuals unfortunately don’t get my comical inclination and it just got awful. I lament being so gullible and I comprehend that I ought to have been cautious. I didn’t have any acquaintance with it would all get anticipated so adversely.” ‘It Was A Healthy Friendly Drama’ “It was a solid cordial dramatization amongst mates and individuals just took it to an alternate level. It’s truly dismal whatever has happened and I trust things get got out soon.” Ben Will Talk To Divya To Clarify Things… After watching Ben’s closeness towards Priyank, Divya reported her separation. Benafsha needs to converse with Divya about the same. She additionally included, “Yet separated from me, she is stressed over different things as well. Right now, I am truly disillusioned with humankind for they ignored a benevolent bond.” Smart and Dumb Player In The BB 11 House In a meeting to, Benafsha said that the most intelligent player in the house is Vikas Gupta, includes that he is manipulative also. The stupid player starting at now is Luv Tyagi. Hina Is Not Strong-headed Like Others! She was cited by Firstpost as saying, “Hina is losing her hold since she is getting disappointed because of many reasons. She is miserable and she isn’t solid headed like the others.”She feels Shilpa, Hiten Tejwani and Vikas are solid contenders. Ben Feels She Should Have Listened To Her Mother! Benfsha additionally composed on Instagram, “Taking care of all the sweet love and despise with just pyaar, totes ben style! Mumma disclosed to me control your dull and totally abnormal comical inclination, you can’t joke about everything. Should’ve tuned in to her. Or, then again not 😜 Bring it on fellas!!! #kyunthakreleho #ayeeeeeee.”