BB 11 Gets Dirtier! Akash Makes Nasty Comments On Benafsha; Her BF Issues An Open Threat To Akash!

Amid Bigg Boss 11’s Weekend Ka Vaar, Salman Khan had said that Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde’s battle has assumed control over the house and others are not seen by any stretch of the imagination. It would appear that the housemates have considered Salman’s words important, as everybody in the house has begun battling for reasons unknown! In yesterday’s scene, Akash Dadlani was seen making messy remarks on Benafsha Soonawala. He calls her insane and stinking. Ben was seen lashing out at Akash. Priyank Sharma was seen revealing to Hina that he heard Akash passing remarks about Ben’s genitals. Akash Makes Nasty Comments On Ben joins Priyank and Hina’s discussion and reveals to them that Puneesh had disclosed to her some awful things that Akash told about her. Puneesh Loses His Cool Upon hearing this, Puneesh loses his cool and calls Ben a liar. He begins yelling and Priyank meddles. This makes an immense battle among them and everybody begins yelling! Ben’s BF Varun Sood Reacts Ben’s beau, Varun Sood is irritated with Akash’s conduct. He was cited by Bollywoodlife as saying, “I feel awful that Benafsha just pulled his hair. She ought to have slapped him, perhaps kicked him. In any case, what Akash isn’t understanding that Benafsha has such a significant number of individuals who cherish her outside.” Varun Sood Says… “And they are exceptionally defensive of her. So he ought to be cautious and begin pondering the outside world, since I am guaranteeing him that it will be damnation for him after he turns out. He won’t have a cheerful life after he turns out.” Varun Is Glad That Priyank Stood Up For Ben He additionally included, “Each rational individual would have responded like Priyank did. Furthermore, I am happy some individual went to bat for her. Truly, she is a solid young lady and can go to bat for herself, however an announcement like this isn’t right and I figure more individuals ought to have supported her.” Varun Feels Salman Should Address This Issue “This was something that a great deal of ladies experience in India. They experience eve prodding, so this something that ought not be bolstered. Furthermore, I feel that Salman should discuss this, and most likely give Akash some appropriately harsh criticism.” If Varun Was In The House, He Would Have Beaten Akash! At the point when asked what he would have done on the off chance that he was inside the house, Varun says, “I would have beaten him until the point that he drained and said sorry to learn. Regardless of the possibility that it was some other young lady, not just Benafsha, in light of the fact that I adore her and everything, but since he said those things to a young lady isn’t right.” Varun Adds… “And if individuals are calling this engaging, at that point they have lost their psyche. Individuals who say Benafsha isn’t doing anything, I am happy, in light of the fact that if individuals locate this engaging, at that point I am glad that she isn’t engaging.” Varun Issues An Open Threat To Akash! Varun is so irritated with Akash’s dreadful remark that he has issued an open risk to Akash. He was cited as saying, “I’ll make his life heck, both rationally and physically.”