BB 11: Sabyasachi Makes SHOCKING Revelations About Bandgi & Puneesh; Says Arshi Khan Is Funny!

In yesterday’s Weekend Ka Vaar, Salman Khan shocked the candidates with twofold ousting. Both Mehajabi Siddiqui and Sabyasachi Satpathy got dispensed with as they got minimal number of votes. While Mehajabi was irate and censured Hina Khan for her ousting, Sabyasachi feels that his Bigg Boss 11 travel was superb! Post removal, Sabyasachi, who is named as Shaggy by his detainees, made a couple of stunning disclosures about the contenders… Sabya’s Journey He was cited by as saying, “It’s the most superb experience anyone can have in the nation. It was the best excursion I would ever have.” Sabyasachi Adds… “I didn’t change myself, no one requesting that I change or incite either. I was playing my amusement and was pleasant to everybody as a result of which, when I was expelled, everyone was crying at the passage/leave entryway.” Is Puneesh and Bandgi’s Relationship FAKE? “Puneesh Sharma is indicating what he needs to appear; he is putting on a show to be in a genuine association with Bandgi to hoard all the spotlight and thusly, all of you see all that late night sentiment on the love seat and at all.” Bandgi Wants To Make Her Parents Proud! “Bandgi, I don’t know where her track is going; she has been stating that I need to make my folks glad however she happens to do generally and I don’t know whether she is truly making her folks pleased.” Arshi Khan Is Hilarious “Akash Dadlani and Arshi Khan are simply playing themselves. Arshi is diverting, she doesn’t need to put on a remark interesting; that comes naturally. One must know her for every minute of every day to realize that how amusing she is.” Akash Is The Mad Hat! “She has a great deal of in addition to focuses from being after Hiten’s life to influencing individuals to chuckle with her jokes, which are amusing. Akash is the frantic cap and is amusing deeply.” Vikas Gupta Knows The Game “Vikas knows the diversion at this point as he is a TV maker himself. He had let me know, I now comprehended the amusement and I will play it and would not lose my understanding or outrage.” Shilpa Shinde Is A Total Package Of Fun “Shilpa is an aggregate bundle of fun, hostility, noisy, shouting, bouncing, being nurturing, cooking constantly and nourishing everybody yet not taking the poo.” Strong Contestants “On the off chance that somebody is playing the diversion too well and rationally solid is Vikas and Hina too is the most grounded without a doubt. The weakest would me say me was, aside from me, it’s Benafsha and Luv Tyagi.” Top 5 Contestants “Five competitors from the seventh week, I feel, it will be Vikas Gupta, Shilpa Shinde, Hiten Tejwani, Akash Dadlani and Arshi Khan since they are playing it comfortable minute.” Who Will Win The Show? “Out of these five who may win the show, I think it is Vikas, Shilpa or Akash. Be that as it may, on the off chance that I need to name one; it’s exceptionally troublesome however I would state Vikas.”