BB 13 Contestant Mahira Sharma Gets Special Birthday Wishes from Kundali Bhagya Co-Stars!

The prime cast of Kundali Bhagya came in full help of Mahira Sharma on the last’s b’day as she is in the Bigg supervisor house. Mahira who was a piece of Kundali Bhagya a year ago is extremely near the entertainers in the show. A year ago, every one of them were in full participation for her b’day party. In the mean time Mahira’s mom and her nearby family praised her b’day at her habitation finishing the house and getting a lovely cake made for her little girl. Sanya, her mom got mournful and enthusiastic as she uncovered this is the first occasion when she is praising her girl’s b’day without her.

Kindness : Mahira Sharma

Kindness : Mahira Sharma

Then Mahira’s co entertainers Sanjay Gagnani and Abhishek Kapur confessed that she wished and envisioned a year ago of being in the Bigg Boss house as a contender. While Anjum is upbeat now that following a month of dull period, Mahira has at last shot back, Shraddha asks the b’day young lady to remain solid and it is difficult to go up against such solid contenders in the house. Zain Imam and Pearl V Puri wanted that the b’day young lady returns home with the trophy.

Shraddha Arya – Hello young lady, numerous upbeat returns of the day Mahira. We are missing you incredibly much yet you are doing splendidly well in the Bigg Boss house. We are wishing off kilter that you win it and leave the house so we can do a twofold festival of your b’day and you as a champ. You are truly doing right by us and doing very well in the Bigg Boss house. What you are doing isn’t simple, to be set facing such solid contenders who are physically, experientially extremely solid yet you are truly making you place there so congrats and glad b’day by and by.

Anjum Fakih – Hello meri Mau, wish u an extremely cheerful b’day and may you do well as you are doing in Bigg Boss house. You said a great deal before going into the house however we didn’t see you doing much for a month. Anyway we love the manner in which you have bobbed back and how. I realize you stand firm for yourself however when Bhau disclosed to you awful words, you didn’t reveal to me anything and you began crying which is so not you. Of what I think about you, you are a solid, forthright and a straight forward individual. One can see that you resemble a child in the house which is similarly great. I truly like how you state ‘bantai wali baatein’ which you do, that is exceptionally engaging. If you don’t mind keep the great work and make every one of us glad out there.

Abhishek Kapur – Wishing you an extremely glad b’day. At the point when you entered our show Kundali Bhagya a year ago you generally said you needed to go to Bigg Boss house and here you are executing it in the show. So all the best and continue taking every necessary step that you are doing. Play a decent game and develop as a champ. We as a whole miss and love you. Since it is your b’day, sharing a brisk minute when I initially met you. Each morning, you used to state come let us make Tik Tok recordings regardless of whether the shoot is on hold and that was the most clever thing ‘ki scene ho na ho, tumhare tik tok toh banana hello there tha’ and now on account of you I am similarly dependent on Tik Tok.

Sanjay Gagnani – Happy b’day Mahira Sharwma, that is the thing that I call you right. You are probably the dearest companion and I truly venerate the manner in which you are. You are a jewel of an individual and a determined worker. I recall a year ago when we were going for kundali Bhagya you said you longed for going to Bigg Boss, to which I said take a couple of years and afterward go there yet no, ziddi toh tu hai greetings, jo tujhe karna hota hai tu who karti howdy hai and see you are in the Bigg Boss house now. I truly regard the manner in which you are and you are performing incredible in the house with all your sense of pride and nobility.

Zain Imam – Wish you an exceptionally cheerful b’day. You are working superbly in the Bigg Boss house and we cannot hold on to see you back. Try not to return from Bigg Boss house and just do that once you have the title with you.

We wish Mahira an extremely Happy Birthday.