BB 13: Mahira Sharma’s Mom Slams Asim Riaz for His Performance in Captaincy Task

Hues’ Bigg Boss 13 is known to change the game to what’s unforeseen.

Recently, the crowd saw Captaincy Task that included accepting ‘letters from home’. The one that gets the letter needs to crush it so as to turn into the contender for Captaincy. Mahira discovers Asim’s letter and she offers that to him as opposed to wrecking it. Later on, Asim finds Mahira’s letter however he decides to wreck it.

When Mahira comes to think about his activity, she separates.

Talking about the occurrence, Mahira’s mother remarked, ” I am extremely angry with Asim’s khud-garz harkat (egotistical move) during the mail station task. Every year, Bigg Boss plans barely any errands that includes either a visit from relatives or accepting letters from them. I can gladly say that Mahira is the most youthful there yet in addition has most sense with regards to feelings for relatives. She surrendered her captaincy open door for a person who has not been decent to her just to get manipulating this way. I can vouch for it that had Mahira gotten any competitors letter she would have offered it to them, be it anybody. For Asim I can just say that ‘ As you sow, so will you reap’.”