BB 13: Rashami Calls Shehnaz ‘Punjab ki Rakhi Sawant’

War of the words has assumed control over the Bigg Boss house with battles between housemates. The significant aftermath of Sidharth and Asim has prompted the breaking of the most grounded gathering in the house.

The battle is presently not simply among Sidharth and Asim. The effect of their unforeseen squabble has likewise brought about contentions between different housemates. With Paras and Mahira agreeing with Sidharth, Himanshi and Shefali decide to help Asim. Rashami who is regularly observed staying silent at such occasions decides to help Asim this time.

As of late, Shehnaz and Rashami got into a spat when the previous blamed Shehnaz for wearing and debilitating the assortment of her planner garments since she can’t bear the cost of any. On hearing this allegation, Shehnaz loses her quiet and guarantees her of paying the creator for the outfits once she is out. She additionally asserts that Rashami has no other work to do inside the house and subsequently she raises outside issues to battle with individuals inside.

Rashami calls Shehnaz ‘Punjab Ki Rakhi Sawant’ while Shehnaz gives her back by saying that Rakhi Sawant is a decent person and she is additionally intense enough to be forthright dislike her who is holing up behind a veil and not giving her genuine face.