BB 14: Salman bashes Rakhi & Nikki for their actions

Bigg Boss 14 was sans Salman Khan last week and while the makers made sure that the fun and entertainment quotient wasn’t compromised with, it can be safe to say that the fans were vocal as to how they indeed missed Khan doing his hosting duties like usual.

Well, this week, the man is back in business as usual and Khan will be seen in his true style where he will be bashing multiple contestants for their actions throughout the week.

The expected one this week was supposed to be Rakhi Sawant. Sawant, in her pursuit for entertainment and teasing Abhinav Shukla time and again did cross some lines and was even marked upon by the housemates themselves. This will be the exact thing that Khan will be seen bashing Sawant for where he will actually remind her as to how she doesn’t quite understand the line of limit and where to stop. He said that they have the entire license to entertain but have to make sure that it isn’t turned into vulgarity at any point. Another contestant what will be the subject of some bashing will be Nikki Tamboli.

Tamboli has been a constant when it comes to Khan’s bashing but rarely has she taken any of that feedback into account till now. Even then, Khan will be seen bashing Tamboli for her constant insults and badtameezi with other contestants, where she continues to have no lines.

Khan will also be bashing Rubina Dilaik for the matter where Sawant pulled the laces of Shukla’s shorts.

We can certainly say that Khan coming back and bashing contestants for their wrongdoings is something fans specifically wait for every week.