BB 15 Sultani Akhada: It’s Umar Riaz v/s Simba Nagpal

With so much happening in Bigg Boss 15, one would imagine that Weekend Ka Vaar will also be full of action and drama. We do know already that Salman Khan will be in his usual bashing mode and will school the contestants who need that schooling.

But apart from that, another staple of Weekend Ka Vaar will be at play and that is – Sultani Akhada. A segment which is loved by everyone, this week will also see two contestants going head-to-head with each other in the respective rounds.

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And this week, it’s going to be Simba Nagpal and Umar Riaz. That’s right. On one hand, both these contestants have faced criticism on multiple rounds for the way they operate, or visibility but on other hand, they have been applauded for a few things too.

When it comes to Sultani Akhada, the winner of both rounds this week is going to be Simba Nagpal. The actor started the season very slowly but seems to be gradually making a mark and this sultani akhada win should boost his momentum.