BB 16: Shalin demands to talk to Bigg Boss or open the door for him to leave

Bigg Boss 16 saw a rather interesting episode earlier tonight as the race for captaincy witnessed a new task.

An array of Bigg Boss 16 fans were called in the house and a fun task was held. It turned out to be one of the rather entertaining episodes atleast from the audience’s perspective. Amidst all that, the voting to elect the new captain took place and as we know, Shiv Thakare was elected the new captain.

However, one fight that was teased yesterday will see a new level tomorrow. The fight between Vikas Manaktala and Archana Gautam will be escalated immensely where verbal spat will also lead to an almost physical altercation which will have the rest of the housemates trying to separate them. Even Priyanka Chaudhary will step in for the same.

However, the highlight was pertaining to Shalin Bhanot. It seems this saga will have Bhanot extremely infuriated where the man will be seen demanding to talk to Bigg Boss. And following that, Bhanot will even break down immensely even throwing things. He will even threaten to walk out as he asks the door to be opened.

How will this be treated by Bigg Boss? Leave in your comments below.