#BB11: “I am glad that me and Rocky came out in the open,” – Hina Khan

Bigg Boss Season 11 has been an exciting ride for every one of the hopefuls and Hina Khan otherwise known as Sher Khan of the Bigg Boss house, who went ahead to wind up noticeably the first sprinter up of the season.

Her voyage has been a blend of the two highs and lows, and in discussion with the media, here’s all that she said in regards to her stay in the house.

Do you have any doubts about not winning the show?

Not in the least. Truly, I thought all I have to achieve is that I get to the main 5. Bigg Boss has been a crazy ride and I figured I’ll not make it to the finals in view of the intense rivalry and there were solid players, who played okay. Achieving the main 2 is an incredible thing for somebody like me who thought will escape the house, mid-path in the excursion.

You made it to the main 2, however shockingly lost. What do you need to say in regards to that?

Salman called both me and Shilpa and disclosed to us, that there is an arrangement of crowd that Bigg Boss has and each season the candidates change. The show has a specific viewership and if a watcher like one challenger and that contender goes ahead to win, that doesn’t mean the other one is any less. Salman additionally said that there was a distinction of just a couple of thousand votes.

There was a state of time when you were persuaded that Shilpa is winning. What influenced you to state that?

I imagine that is from mine and Vikas Gupta’s discussion that you are discussing. We were simply ordinary bantering, however we concluded that we should play our diversion and not concentrate on others. I’ll say, we should not pass judgment on anybody by that. Truth be told, when we were inside, me and Shilpa both continued disclosing to each other that the other will win.

Will you keep on keeping the bonds you made in the house?

Indeed, since you asked, let me reveal to you we are altogether heading off to an excursion. I won’t tell where however yes, that is going on. Indeed, we chose that once we advance out of the house, we will overlook everything and it has happened, where we are on the whole celebrating together at this point. A considerable measure of things occur in the house and individuals say things which they don’t understand and not mean it half of the circumstances. So all’s great ya!

Is there any change you’d get a kick out of the chance to bring inside yourself now that you’re out of the Bigg Boss house?

There is one noteworthy change I’d get a kick out of the chance to bring. It’s not a change truly, but rather yes that is something I’d jump at the chance to do. All things considered, we as a whole have battles with companions or relatives and everybody has such relations where they quit talking a specific individual. So I am will retouch those relations and embrace it out. I’ve learnt this in the house that after each battle, you have to fix it up and let it go.

There’s been a great deal of antagonism and fire around you all through the trip. What do you need to say in regards to it?

I don’t know much that has been discussed in light of the fact that I’ve left the house only a couple of hours back. I heard about the Sakshi Tanwar articulation and I think I have to state this that I’ve been a major aficionado of Sakshi and perhaps this discussion was confused and was infact begun by another person. You see the show for only 45 minutes, however it’s really 24 hours that we are remaining in the house and have various discussions.

Do you have marriage designs at any point in the near future?

Actually no, not under any condition. We have far to go and we have a great deal of things we have to appreciate. There’s nothing happening at any point in the near future, however I am happy it moved into the open.

We want Hina to enjoy all that life has to offer and would like to see her on the TV screens soon.