#BB11: “I obviously want Hina to win, but I think Shilpa will win while Vikas shall be third…

Ordinary person Luv Tyagi has now been expelled from the Bigg Boss Season 11 house and has lost the diversion subsequent to coming so near the finale. Nonetheless, his gameplay ended up being solid towards the end however he lost to voting this week.

We at India-Forums connected with him and he talked about his main 3, his condition with Hina and considerably more.

At the point when tested about playing the diversion as a group and continually holing up behind Hina Khan and Priyank Sharma, he stated, “It was dependably a joined exertion. In spite of the fact that I took time to open up, however it I have dependably put my point forward and we have taken a choice on the whole. The main distinction was that a few people figured out how to put their point emphatically and subsequently had a high ground.”

Discussing the everyday citizen v/s VIP battle that began off towards the end, Luv additionally expressed: “Had we been playing a solid amusement since the earliest reference point, we could have unquestionably been route at standard with them than we were presently. At last, the undertaking that the average people did, we won rather effortlessly. Me, Puneesh and Akash wanted to play together from the start, and when we did, we ensured it was where nobody could win.”

At the point when asked the end result for his kinship with Hina towards the end, he stated, “I have an alternate bond with Shilpa Shinde, I haven’t walked out on Hina, yet there is an alternate bond that I share with Shilpa and an alternate one with Hina. They both have their own particular spots and courses with me.”

Tested about whose trip has been a superior one, Hina or Shilpa, he expressed: “I think the voyage that Shilpa has had, there barely has been an end of the week when she has been told anything and she has played a better than average diversion and a splendid adventure in the house. She to be sure is an extraordinary player and person.”

Discussing the tag of Bailbuddhi, “Vikas Gupta has given me the tag of Bailbuddhi and on the off chance that you see that since the recent weeks it is me who has vanquished him in the undertakings. Furthermore, now, it is your decision to call me a bailbuddhi or him a driving force.”

Furthermore, finally, we asked him who does he find in the best 3, he stated, “I need that my companion Hina Khan wins, yet I figure Shilpa will be the victor while Vikas will stand third. Puneesh and Akash I think will take the bag with cash.”

Indeed, we wish Luv all the absolute best for his future undertakings and commend him for the voyage he has had in the show.