#BB11:”The way people behave in the Bigg Boss house isn’t their real selves,” – Karan Wahi

Karan Wahi, who is at present shooting for his up and coming Bollywood film got in an authentic discussion with us and obviously expressed that he is somebody who isn’t implied for Bigg Boss.

Whenever tested on the off chance that he watched the show, he stated, “I don’t watch Bigg Boss ya, bahut mach hai yaar. I missed portion of it any way since I wasn’t here. The last Bigg Boss I saw was the one preceding Kushal Tandon. I don’t watch it since it isn’t my sort of show. I don’t care for battles, infrequently those can intrigue however lamentably, this is where individuals carry on in a specific sort of way and they aren’t care for this in genuine.”

Including further, he stated, “When individuals are confined in a house with such a large number of cameras and amplifiers on, constrained sustenance and garments, and where each little thing will be adjusted, anybody would respond that way. The sort of situation that wins, one will undoubtedly carry on absolutely; a man who is inconsiderate will stay discourteous and somebody who is upbeat may likewise wind up being icy.”

“My companions have been in the show, and I have seen them in a very surprising way, and I resemble ‘This individual isn’t care for this, all things considered, why is he/she carrying on like this’. Also, this in reality panics me and outrage astute, it gets the most exceedingly bad out of you. Individuals have overlooked that it is a show, and everybody is here to win. On the off chance that I go to the show and say that ‘No, I am not here to win, at that point why am I here?’,” he finished up

All things considered, the performing artist unquestionably has a substantial and solid point here.

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