#BB12: Captaincy Task CANCELLED after Saba and Srishty get physical during the task!

Getting physical’ is by all accounts the go to mantra for the Bigg Boss 12 everyday people amid errands.

Just amid the last errand, Surbhi Rana got rough with Srishty Rode amid the jailors’ and qaidis’ assignment. The errand was ended for some time however continued after Surbhi came up to Srishty and apologized.

Toward the finish of the errand, Srishty and Saba were left remaining to challenge in the captaincy undertaking.

In any case, that excessively turned out, making it impossible to be another debacle.

The errand should be that Saba and Srishty would initially need to gather metal plates from the housemates and afterward put their with their names on a board in the garden zone. Notwithstanding, they had the freedom to delete their rival’s name from one plate and compose theirs.

In any case, things get revolting when Saba not just uses power to prevent Srishty from eradicating her name, yet in addition winds up driving her down. Srishty loses her temper and removes her mike, while Dipika Kakar endeavors to control Srishty.

Srishty at that point storms off and secures herself in the washroom, where Karanvir Bohra, Saurabh and after that Neha Pendse are seen endeavoring to assuage her. Be that as it may, the woman is by all accounts in no disposition to tune in.

We likewise hear that this will prompt the captaincy assignment getting dropped.

Will Bigg Boss rebuff Saba for her demonstration this evening?