#BB12: WHAT! Surbhi Rana Gets A TICKET TO The Semi-Finale!

Hues Bigg Boss 12 is good to go to achieve its last stage and this week, as detailed by us before, has seen a noteworthy turn in the Captaincy errand.

The chief during the current week would pick up an immediate section in the second a week ago. What’s more, we had detailed that Surbhi Rana and Rohit Suchanti would go after the captaincy assignment.

Also, as indicated by our most recent news we hear is that Surbhi has won the assignment and she is the principal detainee to achieve the semi-finale week. A year ago, Puneesh Sharma won the much-pined for ticket to the finale.

Watch out this space to think about Bigg Boss 12 refreshes…