#BB12EXCLUSIVE: “My seasons contestants were very real; this season’s contestants are not!”

Just yesterday, we broke the news of Bigg Boss Season 11 victor Shilpa Shinde and brains sprinter up Vikas Gupta entering the Bigg Boss 12 house. The couple will be seen entering the show on Monday.

With the ebb and flow season being exceptionally dull when contrasted with the last season, enthusiastic aficionados of the show are expecting some real firecrackers with Shilpa and Vikas’ entrance in the show.

We got real with Shilpa about the ebb and flow season, her methodology in the house and her supposition on the momentum yield of hopefuls.


It is safe to say that you are eager to come back to the Bigg Boss house once more?

I am both cheerful and energized that I will enter the show again and furthermore for my fans who will get the chance to see me again in the show. Furthermore, what’s far better is that I am entering the show with Guptaji (Vikas Gupta). It’s only an alternate inclination as I am not a challenger this time.

There has been a great deal of energy as far back as news of you and Vikas entering the show has turned out, considering how dull this season is. There is a considerable measure of expectation encompassing your entrance. What will you do in the show?

As a matter of fact it’s great that there is expectation. In any case, what happens is that wherever there is correlation, things have a tendency to get monstrous. Yet, somethings happen just once. So perhaps that is the reason individuals are frustrated this time. Additionally, the big names this time are not being their genuine selves, when that is the thing that they should do. That is the general purpose of the diversion, to be the genuine you. And every one of the individuals who imagine in the house, are dispensed with sooner or later. Furthermore, the crowd additionally has a tendency to remember them. So perhaps this is the explanation behind this current season’s low reaction.

Would we be able to expect a conflict inside the house when you enter, as we as of now have a champ inside (Megha Dhade)?

I don’t think so. It will be fun and intriguing. (jokes) Maybe alternate contenders will get terrified and scared. There as of now is a champ in the house (Megha Dhade, however what one needs is to believe in themselves. They need the attitude that they have entered the show with the plan to win. What’s more, that is the issue here. Everyone has turned out to be cognizant and terrified.

Whose diversion would you say you are loving the most?

I feel that Surbhi, Romil and Deepak are understanding the diversion well, as well as playing it.

We haven’t seen a lot of any Shilpa or Hina like qualities in this current season’s hopefuls up until now.

Correlations will undoubtedly occur. In our season, each competitor was genuine in his depiction of himself. Everybody of us had a one of a kind quality and as an individual as well, there was a considerable measure for the crowd to see. We as a whole were genuine and none of us were affected. What’s more, that was vital.

There is this kitchen drift’ that surfaces with your name. There was this entire wave in the house that releases all and be in the kitchen’. Indeed, we’ll likewise observe a little tiff among Dipika and Megha in today around evening time’s scene. Will you clear up this is a fantasy?

I truly don’t know where this began from. At first no one would go into the kitchen on the grounds that there would be zero ability to see there. What’s more, for each one of those who’ve strategized that creation sustenance and sustaining individuals in the house will win you the title, at that point it isn’t right. I’d heard a TV craftsman’s meeting where she said that Shilpa Shinde won the demonstrate my creation sustenance in the kitchen.

Do you surmise that the TRPs of the show will increment with Vikas and Shilpa’s entrance into the house? What are you expecting out of their visit?

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