BB13| Arti Singh: Everyone is Scared of Koena; No one Would Burn Bridges With Her

Bigg Boss as we know is known for all the dramas and controversies, the reality show which premiered recently has already witnessed a few arguments and fights inside the house. Now, the latest joiners are Bollywood fame Koena Mitra and Television actress Arti Singh. Colors dropped two new promos for the upcoming episodes where the two can be seen fighting over nominations.

In the promo, Arti is seen talking to Shehnaaz Gill about Koena’s behaviour and other housemates. Arti stated that except her and Shehnaaz, no other girl would dare to burn bridges with Koena as they are scared of her. Sharing about the reason, she revealed that no one is ready to tell her anything because she is elder to them and they respect her.

Meanwhile, Koena tells Paras that Arti will be nominating her. After the discussion, Arti gets into a verbal fight with Koena over nominations as she is unhappy with the words used by Siddharth Dey. Koena clarifies that nothing is personal between her and Siddharth. However, things get more intense and Koena accuses Arti of begging others to be saved from nominations. Arti hits back at her saying that she has come so far on her own.

Watch the promos here:

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