BB13: Asim Sacrifices his Gym belt for Shehnaaz as a payback!

It’s happy state of mind all over the place and the housemates are wanting for the organization of their friends and family. It is properly said that the path to an individual’s heart is through his/her stomach. Bigg Boss uses it as an approach to make the housemates feel near their family. ‘Ghar Ka Khana’ is something that the housemates have been aching for and it was at last the ideal opportunity for Bigg Boss to astound them with home prepared nourishment. Mumbai’s reality popular ‘Dabbawalas’ go into the house bearing some lip smacking treats arranged by the relatives of the triumphant group of the Chinese slow down errand.

Inviting them with enormous grins and sad eyes, Paras calls the dabbawalas their Santa Claus. Overflowing with feelings, the contenders open the crates and offer it with one another genuinely living the Christmas soul. Leaving aside their battles and contrasts, the house observers unadulterated love and harmony after quite a while. The contenders spoil their taste buds with an assortment of nourishment going from Punjab’s well known ‘makki ki roti’ from Shehnaz’s tiffin to ‘besan ke laddoo’ and ‘dhokla’ from Paras’ dabba. Shefali Jariwala serves some yummy ‘rasmalai’ and ‘dahi wada’ from her tiffin for the housemates to relish. Moved by the superb astonishment Aarti, Paras and Shefali Jariwala get passionate while missing their families.

The upbeat minutes are brief until Bigg Boss reports the captaincy task for the contenders Shehnaz and Vishal. They need to enter a ‘Mind’ arrangement set in the nursery territory wherein they will get ‘considerations’ on a pointer and need to change over them into the real world. The musings will be with the end goal that the housemates should devastate their own things referenced in the ‘thought’. Both Shehnaz and Vishal will get the equivalent ‘thought’ and the housemates need to decide for whom they wish to forfeit their things. Shehnaz and Vishal will get just a specific measure of time to persuade the housemates. Rashami is approached to pulverize her family photograph and with overwhelming sadness she keeps her kinship first and obliterates it for Vishal. Asim as well, without even batting an eye, surrenders his preferred rec center belt for Shehnaz as a restitution for making him the skipper earlier week.

Who is the following one to assume control over the commander’s honored position? Tell us your perspectives in the remarks underneath…