BB13: Bigg Boss Sends The Contestants to Mars For Captaincy Task!

After the overdose of fights in the past week, the contestants in the house are once again back for the captaincy task. Asim Riaz was elected to be the Captain of the house the previous week. Now, the contestants are once again ready to fight for the Captaincy and save themselves from nominations next week.

Bigg Boss turns the house into Mars for this task. The contestants have to collect water and pour it in the given container. The contestant who collects the maximum amount of water wins the task.

Madhurima and Vishal are also seen sitting together and discussing the task where Vishal says that they can also throw the water of other contestants and that’s the game. Rashami was then seen telling her friends that of not letting anyone pour water in the container.

The task once again creates a lot of fights and chaos in the house.

Whom do you think will be the next Captain of the house? Let us know your views in the comments below…