BB13| Devoleena’s Mother: I Think Asim Was More Eligible Than Paras

Devoleena Bhattacharjee, known for her depiction of Gopi Bahu in a prevalent TV appear, Saath Nibhana Saathiya has entered the thirteenth period of Bigg Boss. Nonetheless, she was killed alongside individual housemate, Rashami Desai as of late. Afterward, it was uncovered that the two were never ousted yet sent to the mystery room. Presently, the young ladies have reemerged the house, which has fulfilled a few while some are disillusioned.

As of late, we connected with Devoleena’s mom to know her feelings about the game and the challengers.

How can it feel to watch Devoleena on the show?

It feels great. I like to watch her on Television. It isn’t just about Bigg Boss, I love to watch my little girl on TV since her past shows.

What amount do you miss her?

I miss her a ton. I even want to cry when I miss her and that is simply the motivation behind why I attempt to keep myself occupied with other work. I attempt to be glad and keep myself occupied with Angel, my little girl’s top choice. At whatever point I see her crying in the show, I can’t control myself and I cry alongside her. I even advise her from here that don’t cry my kid, I’m with you.

There have been a ton of battles occurring inside the house over kitchen obligations. What do you need to state about this?

At whatever point she wanted to cook, she used to come in the kitchen and request that I clear out that I need to cook today. She cherished cooking biryani, chicken and sheep. It was anything but difficult to cook here for four individuals yet there she needs to cook for 12-13 individuals, which is intense. Here, she did it as a game and fun. The facts confirm that she used to gripe about being in the kitchen all the time however at that point on the off chance that she is in the kitchen throughout the day, at that point how might she play the genuine game. In this manner, a specific time ought to be fixed for kitchen obligations so everybody gets an equivalent measure of time to go through with one another.

How is Devoleena’s indignation?

She doesn’t generally have outrage issues however indeed, she once in a while blows up at me. She is anything but an irritable individual. As a matter of fact, when we used to remain together, we have a great deal of fun as a family however there in Bigg Boss house, it doesn’t occur. You are bolted inside a spot, not for one however three months. Every one of the contenders are likewise new, they know nothing about one another. Along these lines, their activities will have responses.

What was your opinion about Devoleena’s unexpected ousting? Did you get the chance to converse with her during that time?

No, I didn’t get the opportunity to converse with her. Next morning, her companions called me to know whether she’s home. I myself had zero thoughts in regards to her whereabouts, her companions comforted me and asked me not to stress that I may get a call from her soon or they have kept her in some sheltered spot.

Do you feel it was an exercise from Bigg Boss for Devoleena and Rashami instructing them to play their own game instead of supporting Paras and Mahira?

Indeed, I concur with this. Bigg Boss played a decent game with them two. It tends to be known as a decent just as an awful choice. Wrong choice in light of the fact that there were different housemates, who are superior to Paras. Presently, what happened is gone, we can’t change it. I simply need to reveal to Devoleena that she should play her games with her very own brain. I think Asim was more qualified than Paras and they ought to have decided in favor of him.