BB15 Weekend Ka Vaar predictions: Jay, Karan, Afsana and others we think will make the cut to Salman’s list

Bigg Boss 15 is all set to witness its second Weekend Ka Vaar today and well, there are a bunch of issues, almost encompassing every single housemate from the events that have gone down over the week. Right from the fights and the violence to the behaviour that many have put up with, there is something for everyone.

For starters, we have a quick list of things we will see Salman addressing. We already saw the promo where Salman Khan lashed out at Afsana Khan for her behaviour in the house, and every housemate has something to tell about it. In fact, when Salman says he would’ve evicted her, she is seen telling that she has no issue with it.

Apart form what we have seen, here are some things we think Khan might and should address.

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Karan Kundrra-Jay Bhanushali-Vishal Kotian-Tejasswi Prakash

There seems to be a lot going on between the four of these people, with each having various kinds of conversations with each other, and especially Karan. A little clarity on what they are trying to do is a must, for if they are playing the game they should be able to say so, and if they want to balance friendships, it should be visible. They have had various other issues, but whatever it is that is going on between them, must be addressed.

Umar Riaz-Ieshaan Sehgaal-Simba Nagpal

The three of them have been fighting with each other and how, and it is far from clear who is whose friend. They have individual bonds in the house, but the name-calling and the fighting, and the violence, is a little too much, and must be addressed. While they are all coming to the forefront, not all is for a good reason.

Miesha Iyer-Ieshaan

BB15 Weekend Ka Vaar
Something that must also find a conversation this WKV is this love story that has been brewing. We were hoping it would make news last week too, but the couple, as well as the two as individuals, will be at the receiving end of Salman’s wise words, if you ask us.

Afsana Khan

Her behaviour has been one that has been a topic of conversation for the longest time now, and while we have seen the promos, she needs an earful. She had arguments with Tejasswi, Shamita Shetty, as well as Akasa, where not only was she rude, but also seemed to be misbehaving.

Jay Bhanushali

Jay must be spoken to for the one last time, and while it is true that abuses are normal in the house, it shouldn’t be normalised. Though situations often call for various things happening in the house, some things are a strict no-no, and one should know.

Karan-Tejasswi-Nishant Bhat

I personally feel these three deserve some good words from the host for playing the game well. They have truly made various additions to the game play and in fact, deserve some praise. While Karan might also be at the receiving end of some advice from the host and his game, he has been doing well so far.

Shamita will also be in the conversation as the sanchalak and the way she conducted herself, while other housemates like Akasa and Donal, among others, will also make a part of the conversation at various points when Miesha, Afsana, and others find mention.