‘Bepannaah’ goes the typical daily soap way – The moment of REALIZATION in the Jungles!

Bepannaah on Colors has taken an unforeseen turn with Rajveer (Apurva Agnihotri) now pursuing Zoya (Jennifer Winget) and Aditya (Harshad Chopda) to have them captured as he has suspected that the two had an unsanctioned romance and consequently killed Pooja (Namita Dubey) and Yash (Sehban Azim).

In any case, looks like there is no real way to stop Rajveer, on the grounds that cmon, there is a concealed thought process that he has and we don’t think about it (so far in any event). As frightening as Rajveer has gone over to be this while, we neglect to comprehend for what reason would the two be rebuked for something that they didn’t do.

Subsequent to influencing us to trust this while that it was Pooja and Yash who took part in an extramarital entanglements, and after that influencing us to trust that they are companions, how might we come to trust that it isn’t them however Zoya and Aditya who are the genuine guilty parties.

While we do comprehend that the greater part of this is more similar to make the required interest, we appear to be a greater amount of mistook for all that is going on now!

Up next, as the pair will figure out how to escape Rajveer, they will wind up losing their direction and land amidst a wilderness. As destiny would have it, or, as each day by day cleanser has it, the two will take this minute to recognize their affection for each other, and rest, let us simply say will be history?

On the off chance that by any means, both of them grapple with their affection for each other in the midst of the wildernesses on a dim night, at that point they should turn their account of having a runaway marriage genuine!

There’s a slight bit more we’d jump at the chance to anticipate from Bepannaah than sentiment in the wilderness! Or on the other hand, surprisingly more terrible, acknowledgment of affection in there!

Disclaimer: Aimed at poiting the incongruity of every day cleansers. Bepannaah can beyond any doubt improve the situation!