Bepannaah: Post Aditya & Zoya’s Marriage, Mahi Turns Psycho Lover, Is The Show Going Beyhadh Way?

In the most recent scene on Bepannaah, we saw with reference to how Zoya gets chafed as Aditya tries to get nearer to her. She reveals to him that she is enduring him simply because of the organization. Everyone at the workplace adore Zoya and Aditya’s sentimental photoshoot pictures, however Zoya requests that Aditya erase them all. Then again, the organization gets a major ordeal and Zoya is content with the arrangement! Be that as it may, Aditya uncovers that to get the agreement they should show themselves as a wedded couple as the customers need to converge with an organization that is controlled by a family. Zoya declines to Aditya’s requests and the organization workers are separated into two gatherings! Aditya Proposes Zoya Aditya at that point solicits Mahi to assume the part from his phony spouse, yet the workers don’t feel Aditya and Mahi that science to be a power couple! Zoya tries to persuade the workers that faking marriage isn’t a smart thought and on the off chance that somebody comes to know reality, they may get imprisoned! Aditya Taunts Zoya While Mahi inquires as to whether she has any better thought, Aditya insults Zoya and workers to be prepared as the organization may close down as they don’t have cash to pay back! Aditya and Zoya Get Married! As per the most recent spoiler, Zoya gets into more inconvenience as the customer request that Aditya put mangalsutra on Zoya. Aditya puts mangalsutra on Zoya, who is smashed and exasperates. However, some way or another she figures out how to manage it as she persuades herself that it is a phony marriage to spare Zosh. She likewise conceals the mangalsutra from her relative. Zoya In Trouble On work front, Aditya will make inconvenience as he pulls out from the introduction ultimately. Some way or another, Zoya maanges to lead the introduction, however the customers will place her in a bad position as they request that her sort out a cricket occasion! Mahi Helps Zoya To Impress Aditya Zoya won’t know anything about cricket and stands up to Mahi, who shockingly will turn her friend in need! All things considered, Mahi won’t do anything with no thought process. She sorts out cricket occasion to inspire Aditya! Why Aditya Is Troubling Zoya? All things considered, pondering in the matter of why Aditya is inconvenience Zoya to such an extent! Indeed, Aditya isn’t upsetting Zoya, however he is getting her out of gloom. He needs her to respond as he doesn’t care for Zoya being quiet! Mahi Turns Psycho Lover; Takes Rajeev’s Help To Separate Zoya and Aditya! Additionally, there are reports that Mahi will get desirous seeing Zoya and Aditya nearer. She turns psycho darling. Clearly, Mahi will ask Rajeev Khanna (Apurva Agnihotri) to help her to look for exact retribution against Zoya. Rajeev and Zoya endeavor to isolate Zoya and Aditya. Is Bepannaah Going Beyhadh Way? It must be reviewed that in Beyhadh, Jennifer (Maya) played psycho sweetheart to get Arjun’s (Kushal Tandon) cherish. In this show (Bepannaah) it’s not Jennifer, but rather Mahi, who turns psycho sweetheart. It must be seen whether Mahi goes Maya (from Beyhadh) approach to get Aditya’s adoration!