Bepannaah SPOILER: Not Yash, This Person Close To Aditya Is The Other Man In Pooja’s Life!

Hues’ show, Bepannaah, which stars Jennifer Winget and Harshad Chopra ahead of the pack parts, has awed the watchers. The fascinating and one of a kind story and turns in the show are keeping the watchers stuck to the show. The show revolves around the topic of affection, desire and treachery. As we as a whole know, Aditya is to a great degree furious at his significant other as he feels she has undermined him, while Zoya believes her affection aimlessly and trusts her better half hasn’t double-crossed her. She even tries to demonstrate the same to the world, particularly to Aditya. Bepannaah Latest Updates: Harsh Wants The Diary Harsh is on a call and approaches somebody to look for the journal, while Arjun catches it. At the point when Harsh was going to check the messenger that had Pooja’s journal, Arjun tries to occupy him by making a commotion. At the point when Harsh asks with reference to what he is doing he discloses to Harsh that he is looking for a mouse. Arjun Hides The Diary Harsh requests that Arjun call bug control, while Arjun reveals to him that he will figure out how to discover it as the vermin control individuals will be late. He at that point figures out how to send Harsh out of the examination and takes the messenger (journal). Mahi Fills Zoya’s Ears Against Aditya On the other hand, Mahi fills Zoya’s ears against Aditya, who has dependably been insulting her for her better half undermining his significant other, Pooja. Clearly, Mahi needs to break Bella and Karan’s wedding and makes mistaken assumptions between them. Aditya Helps Zoya Mahi stays fruitful and Bella breaks the marriage. She points the finger at Aditya for making mistaken assumptions between them. Be that as it may, in all actuality Aditya clears the false impressions and prepares them for the wedding. Aditya Saves Zoya’s Life! In the up and coming scenes, Mahi designs something significant against Zoya. While Zoya is checking the arrangements, a pen is going to fall on her, yet Aditya spares her at the last possible second. Bepannaah Spoiler: Not Yash, But Aditya’s Brother Is The Other Man In Pooja’s Life! As appeared in the promo, similar to Aditya, we may likewise believe that his significant other, Pooja and Zoya’s better half, Yash conned their accomplices with each other. Be that as it may, as indicated by the most recent spoiler on an amusement gateway, it isn’t Yash, however Aditya’s sibling, Arjun with whom Pooja took part in an extramarital entanglements! Why Arjun Is Hiding The Diary? Clearly, Arjun doesn’t need this mystery to be uncovered and henceforth, he takes the journal (in which Pooja may have composed everything about her life) from the police headquarters and conceals it from other relatives. All things considered, if the spoiler ends up being valid, it is intriguing to observe how Aditya would respond, as he has been insulting Zoya seriously for her significant other’s oversight that he hasn’t done!