Beyhadh Goes ‘Gone Girl’ Way! Maya Traps Arjun & Saanjh To Take Revenge On Them!

Sony TV’s show Beyhadh has been keeping the groups of onlookers drawn in with the most recent turns. Maya’s (Jennifer Winget) demise has brought another anticipation on the show. We as a whole realize that Maya is frantically enamored with Arjun. She is irritated in view of Saanjh, as each time Saanjh enters their lives, Maya’s condition with Arjun changes. Maya feels deceived and clearly fakes her demise to render retribution on Arjun and Saanjh. Doesn’t the story appear to be like Hollywood motion picture, ‘Gone Girl’?

Beyhadh Goes ‘Gone Girl’ Way In Gone Girl as well, Amy fakes her passing. She makes the police trust that she was killed and Nick, her better half was dependable. Amy does this, to deliver retribution on Nick as he would be undermining Amy!

Likeness Between Gone Girl and Beyhadh In the motion picture as well, Amy would have composed a journal, in which she specifies Nick may slaughter her! In the show as well, Maya would have composed a journal, yet Saanjh would discover it.

Police Gets The Diary In the dairy, Maya would have said that she would murder any individual who might come in the middle of her and Arjun. Saanjh consumes the journal, while the police goes ahead time and understands it!

How Maya Writes The Diary To Trap Arjun… A flashback is appeared, where Maya is seen composing the journal against Arjun saying he doesn’t give sustenance. She would likewise have approached the gatekeeper for the nourishment. The gatekeeper gives explanation against Arjun Maya Traps Arjun All the confirmations are against Arjun. Obviously, this will be all-inclusive strategy of Maya to trap Saanjh and Arjun! A similar way Amy wanted to trap her better half Nick! Vaishnavi Dhanraj To Enter The Show Vaishnavi Dhanraj will be entering the show as prosecutor-legal counselor. As indicated by the most recent spoiler, arraignment makes shabby assertions about Arjun and Saanjh having an unsanctioned romance. Arjun’s Case Weakens Arjun loses his cool and raises his hand to slap the legal counselor! This will debilitate Arjun’s case and the prosecutor will utilize this as an apparatus to demonstrate Arjun liable. Beyhadh Actress Aneri Vajani AKA Saanjh ORGANIZES Iftari PartyEntertainment Beyhadh Actress Aneri Vajani AKA Saanjh ORGANIZES Iftari Party It must be seen whether Arjun will be rebuffed? It will likewise be fascinating to observe how Maya faked her passing! Stay bolted to this space for the most recent updates of the show…