Beyhadh: Maya Crazily In Love With Arjun; Saanjh In Trouble!

In Beyhadh, Maya (Jennifer Winget) has been making Arjun (Kushal Tandon) dance to her tunes. Although, she has been troubling Arjun, he rescues her from Ashwin. Maya eventually falls in love with Arjun and stars hating Saanjh (Aneri Vajani).

Maya hates her mother Jhanvi meeting Ashwin, and she warns her from meeting him again. Jhanvi gets to know from Ashwin that Arjun (whom Ashwin thought to be Maya’s goon) had saved her. She tries to make Maya realise her love for Arjun. Although, Maya loves Arjun, she ignores the matter in front of her mother.

In the previous episode, we saw how Arjun and Saanjh rescue Ayan. Apparently, Ayan will be robbed by a girl, with whom he had fallen in love! She takes him to a building and in lieu of romance, disrobes him to extract money from him. She leaves yelling as she gets only Rs 200 from his wallet. She even takes his clothes.

Meanwhile, Saanjh’s father scolds her for rejecting a proposal. He warns her that she will learn a lesson when Arjun doesn’t accept her!At office, Maya gives Arjun an assignment. When Arjun asks the theme, Maya says, ‘love’. She also tests him by asking him, what love means to him. He agrees for the assignment and tells her that he will handle it all alone and he is the hero! Little did he know that he was getting trapped in Maya’s ‘mayajaal (love)’.

In the upcoming episode, Maya will be seen smiling with a rose. She takes Arjun’s picture and gets annoyed seeing Saanjh beside him! She plucks the thorns from the rose and makes Saanjh’s name out of them! Is Saanjh in trouble? Maya can’t stand seeing Saanjh around Arjun, even as a friend. If she gets to know that Saanjh loves Arjun, then surely she will get into trouble. It has to be seen, to what extent Maya will go, to get her love, Arjun!