Beyhadh written update, August 21, 2017: Maya is sentenced to death, Arjun is in love with Saanjh

In the most recent scene of Beyhadh, Maya is condemned to death for slaughtering her dad Ashwin and plotting against Arjun and Saanjh, additionally endeavoring to execute her brother by marriage Ayaan. She is being taken away when Arjun embraces Saanjh.

Arjun later shows legal documents to Maya and this is when Pooja uncovers to her that she had influenced Maya to sign them supposing they were papers to spare her from jail.

Maya is being taken away by the police and Arjun discloses to her that her diversion is finished and that he is presently going to begin another existence with Saanjh.

Saanjh reveals to Arjun this is not going to happen and he simply needs to demonstrate a point to Maya. Arjun says this is not valid and that he truly cherishes Saanjh.

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Maya is then taken by a strict woman cop in the prison who pledges to show Maya a lesson. She requests that Maya change into imprison uniform. Maya considers avenging Saanjh and that she won’t let him be content with her.

Maya thinks about an approach to turn the tables soon.

Then again, Arjun and Ayaan miss their mom Vandana. Janvi arrives and discloses to them that she is their mom.

Janvi gets ready kheer for her children however Arjun is just considering getting Saanjh into his life and he considers how he didn’t see her affection for him every one of these years. In any case, Saanjh then again needs to influence Arjun to understand this is not his affection for her but rather her worry which he has misjudged.

Maya is as of now arranging her best course of action in the correctional facility.