Bharti Singh posts an apology video after hurting the sentiments of the Sikh community

Bharti Singh is a known name in the industry. Singh is one of the very few successful female comedians. While people adore comedians for spreading smiles and ticking their funny bones, often there have been cases wherein people feel that the comedians go overboard and hurt religious or communal sentiments with their comments in the wake of being funny.

In the past many celebrities like Sambhavna Seth, Yuvika Chaudhry, Kiku Sharda among others have faced trouble for offending a few sections of the audience. Now, Bharti Singh has also come under the scanner for her statements as the Sikh community felt that she’s taking a dig at them.

In a chat show, Bharti cracked a few jokes on people having long beards and moustaches. The Sikh community took offence of the same and claimed that the jokes were meant to put them down. A lot of Punjabi people and Sikhs trolled Bharti for shamming people from her own hometown.

Now, Bharti recorded a video expressed her opinions on the controversy. She stated that she was generally making a statement and didn’t mention any community, religion or caste. She further apologized to the community and mentioned that she would never try to bring down the place where she belongs to and will always try to make her people proud.

Have a look at the video:

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