Bigg Boss 10: Gaurav To Bleach His Eyebrows To Save Bani

Bigg Boss 10: Gaurav To Bleach His Eyebrows To Save Bani

In Bigg Boss 10 Gaurav Chopra will be asked to bleach his eyebrows to save VJ Bani from the nominations. In tonight’s episode, we will see that thorn seats are put in the garden and calls will be made to selected housemates. But, only when Bani picks up the receiver, she hears Bigg Boss voice and then she is told that, if she wants to be safe from the nomination, she needs to convince Gaurav to bleach his eyebrows.

Gaurav and Bani initially were very good friends, but things started changing after Bani noticed that none of her teammates including Gaurav, ever asked her about her health or helped her in any way. It was during the punishment task that Gaurav and Bani got into an argument where Gaurav shouted at Bani and told her that she cannot expect people to move according to her. Everyone in the house is independent so they can make their own choices and she needs to adjust to the environment.

In the weekend ka vaar episode with Salman Khan, Gaurav was given the title of a ‘khalnayak’ by Bani. When asked why she did this, she replied saying that she thought Gaurav was targeting only the girls during the nominations round. Even during the elimination, Gaurav had taken Bani’s name saying that she is a strong contender and should be voted out soon. Though later he told Bani that he will remain her friend forever, Bani never trusted him.

It will be interesting to see if Gaurav really meant it, when calling Bani a friend or whether he will keep his ego on the way and not do the task.

One thing is for sure – whether Gaurav agrees or disagrees to do the task, it will add some unexpected high-voltage drama to it.