Bigg Boss 10: SHOCKING! Salman Khan In Worst Mood Ever; Throws Priyanka Jagga Out Of The House!

Bigg Boss 10: SHOCKING! Salman Khan In Worst Mood Ever; Throws Priyanka Jagga Out Of The House!

gain, it’s time for Weekend Ka Vaar with Salman Khan on Bigg Boss 10. We have seen Salman Khan, every time bearing with Bigg Boss contestants and excusing their tantrums. Going by the latest promo, Salman seems in no mood to listen to the worst contestants of this season – Priyanka Jagga and Om Swami.

Although this time motormouth Om Swami escaped, Priyanka Jagga couldn’t escape Salman Khan’s anger. Priyanka said something that didn’t go well with Salman.

Priyanka In Kalnayak Kursi
According to the latest promo, Priyanka will be made to sit on Kalnayak kursi. Salman was seen saying that she is the one who is ‘too’ aggressive in the house and had ‘uttered’ too many abusive words!

Angry Salman
Have you ever seen anybody in the house or outside in the industry arguing or even giving back to Salman? But Priyanka did.

Priyanka’s Rude Reply!
Priyanka was quick enough to respond to Salman, “I will do more”. This didn’t go well with Salman Khan. He is seen throwing his jacket in anger.

Priyanka Cries
When Priyanka starts crying, and tells that she is also a human being. Salman asks her to stop the drama. He tells Priyanka, “Please, leave my home.”

Salman Warns Colors
Not just this, Salman even warns Colors channel. He is seen telling that if they ever allow Priyanka in the show or on Colors channel, then he would never work with the channel!

Priyanka Ill!
But, her brother Sameer has something else to say. According to reports, Sameer made the revelation in a Facebook post that since Priyanka was ill, she couldn’t stay in the house.

Om Swami
Salman didn’t even hear Om Swami’s words! After Priyanka left the house, Salman asks Manveer to get a dupatta from the store room. He asks Manveer to close Om Swami’s mouth with the dupatta, so that he won’t interrupt while Salman is talking!

Priyanka’s Facebook Status
Priyanka’s Facebook status now reads, “My Home is the best Home.. I m home now.. Thanks Bigg Boss for letting me go ..All well when ends well.”

It has to be noted that right from the beginning Priyanka and Om Swami have been the most hated contestants in the house as well as by the viewers. Although, they were evicted a couple of times, they were brought back to the house.

But, this time there was no escape for Priyanka Jagga, especially. She did something that no one could have ever imagined! Finally, Salman took a call and asked her to leave the Bigg Boss house.

During her stay in the Bigg Boss house, Priyanka had created havoc in a couple of tasks. Even Rahul Dev, who recently got evicted didn’t want Priyanka as well as Om Swami to be seen in the top five spots!

Well, after Saturday’s ‘garam episode, Sunday’s episode will be filled with fun, apart from eviction. Apparently, two special guests will be entering the show. Any guess who they might be?

The special guests are Manish Paul and Sonakshi Sinha. According to the sources, the duo will enter the house and will be seen spending some good time with the contestants.

Good news for contestants inside the house is that Salman will be gifting some goodies to the contestants. No, it is not for Christmas, but for Salman’s birthday which is on December 27.