Bigg Boss 11, Day 95 Live updates: Luv and Puneesh battle it out in the museum task

In this scene of Bigg Boss 11, after the mountain assignment, Puneesh and Luv turn out as victors and will now fight it out for the ticket to the finale.

They need to take things from a gallery that are justified regardless of a specific sum. On the off chance that the take enough, they get a ticket to the finale. Continue perusing this space to discover who wins the undertaking.

11:10PM: Puneesh and Shilpa battle with Shilpa as she instructs them to break their heads to win the assignment. Puneesh gets a bowl when the gong rings and tries to leave the house. The gusrds ridicule him and catch him. Puneesh at that point tries to take a pot and the watchmen get him. He tries to take a great deal of things however Vikas doesn’t give him a chance to get past the entryway.

11:05PM: Puneesh says that he will break the things with the goal that nobody gets the cash. Hina contends about the standards with Luv and Puneesh. Akash ridicules Hina for putting on cosmetics. Akash at that point prods Vikas. Puneesh says that somebody may get hurt in the undertaking.

10:55PM: Akash gets irate on Shilpa in light of the fact that she says that Akash has resulted in these present circumstances arrange due to her. Puneesh takes a gander at the things that he needs to take while Hina and Luv quarrel over the past assignment. Akash makes superfluous charges on the competitors. Vikas advises the challengers not to break the things as they will end u losing cash.

10:50PM: Puneesh says that Akash has transformed into Ramu Kaka, the hireling wh discusses the individuals from the house and tries to cause battles. Hina at that point declares the following errand in which the hopefuls will progress toward becoming gatekeepers of the exhibition hall. Puneesh and Luv need to take things from the historical center. The estimation of what they take will be deducted from the prize cash.

10:45PM: Hina gets hallowed when she sees her. Puneesh and Akash imagine that she has gone insane once more. Vikas says that he has not been well. Akash discloses to him that Luv and Puneesh were harmed as Vikas didn’t wish him when they won. Puneesh says that Vikas is exceptionally narrow minded. Shilpa additionally ridicules him. The candidates wake up to the tune Ek Rasta Do Raahi. Luv believes this is identified with an up and coming cash errand.

10:40PM: Hina tirades about getting dispensed with from the undertaking. She feels that Shilpa has been exceptionally frail in the errand. In the following round, Puneesh enables Luv to purge Shilpa’s pack and Shilpa battles to discharge Puneesh’s sack. Shilpa’s sack measures the slightest so she is dispensed with from the errand. Luv and Puneesh win the errand. Shilpa gets on a rack and rests in the corner.

10:35PM: Shilpa, Puneesh and Akash talk about Vikas’ conduct. She says that VIkas tested her to return the business. Akash at that point advises the same to Vikas. Vikas tirades to Akash about Vikas and says that she is a sickening individual. Akash says that Hina and her gathering is likewise endeavoring to target Vikas. In the following round, of the mountain errand, the contenders begin discharging their packs. Hina and Luv both lose a point as their sacks weigh lesser than the others.